Sunday, December 13, 2009

I always thought that the biggest decision would be whether or not to get a tattoo (I was always back and forth)... but last summer once I reached the conclusion that I would get one, finding the right shop to get it done @ proved to be a task in itself.

One thing the Twin Cities is not lacking are places to get ink done. I visited about a dozen that seemed even somewhat appealing. My three criteria (and you can use these if the day comes for yourself) ended up being: the experience of the artist, the cleanliness of the shop/parlor, and just the overall vibe or feeling received while there. Beloved Studios in St. Paul became the location of choice. I booked my appointment near the end of September and began the final specs of my design.

After finding probably around 50 "fav fonts", I narrowed it down to one. Desiring an absolutely unique piece, I knew that it would have to be tweaked more to my style. I meticulously labored over every line, curve, and detail. How long exactly (1x3)? Exact placement (inner right forearm just underneath the radial artery)? Curvature of the "r" (just right as not to confuse it w/ the "n", while still having it readable as a somewhat cursive lettering). The look of the stars (small and as more of an afterthought as to not distract from the text, yet large enough to recognize and keep)? All of these factors and more. The final product was not reached without much contemplation, stress, and planning...

Eternal: lasting or existing forever; without end or beginning; unchanging; implies that it has always existed and will continue to exist in the future; God.

I try to live life with an "Eternal Perspective". I picked up on this line of thinking somewhere along the way while attending Moody. To have a world-view that is all encompassing; to know and then to recognize the bigger picture. This basic idea puts everything in it's proper place. The two stars following: looking out into space gives a man time to reflect and gain a vision of reality that changes him deeply inside... causing thoughts and actions to be positively affected. It is my prayer that sunrise by sunset I would be granted such an Eternal Perspective, for His glory.

A major shoutout to all who inspired & supported this process...

That's what this is about... and I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.

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