Monday, June 14, 2010

v i r g i n

note: this is a repost, from 3.17 (the week of our wedding)...

I am the 24 year-old virgin.

For now.

About a decade ago, I made a committment to wait for sex til marriage. While of course a desire for such intimacy was thought to be desired, I knew that before my wedding day it would not be complete...

By His mercy, For His Glory, we are entering this lifelong covenant relationship- as virgins.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I always thought that the biggest decision would be whether or not to get a tattoo (I was always back and forth)... but last summer once I reached the conclusion that I would get one, finding the right shop to get it done @ proved to be a task in itself.

One thing the Twin Cities is not lacking are places to get ink done. I visited about a dozen that seemed even somewhat appealing. My three criteria (and you can use these if the day comes for yourself) ended up being: the experience of the artist, the cleanliness of the shop/parlor, and just the overall vibe or feeling received while there. Beloved Studios in St. Paul became the location of choice. I booked my appointment near the end of September and began the final specs of my design.

After finding probably around 50 "fav fonts", I narrowed it down to one. Desiring an absolutely unique piece, I knew that it would have to be tweaked more to my style. I meticulously labored over every line, curve, and detail. How long exactly (1x3)? Exact placement (inner right forearm just underneath the radial artery)? Curvature of the "r" (just right as not to confuse it w/ the "n", while still having it readable as a somewhat cursive lettering). The look of the stars (small and as more of an afterthought as to not distract from the text, yet large enough to recognize and keep)? All of these factors and more. The final product was not reached without much contemplation, stress, and planning...

Eternal: lasting or existing forever; without end or beginning; unchanging; implies that it has always existed and will continue to exist in the future; God.

I try to live life with an "Eternal Perspective". I picked up on this line of thinking somewhere along the way while attending Moody. To have a world-view that is all encompassing; to know and then to recognize the bigger picture. This basic idea puts everything in it's proper place. The two stars following: looking out into space gives a man time to reflect and gain a vision of reality that changes him deeply inside... causing thoughts and actions to be positively affected. It is my prayer that sunrise by sunset I would be granted such an Eternal Perspective, for His glory.

A major shoutout to all who inspired & supported this process...

That's what this is about... and I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.

Monday, August 31, 2009


We celebrated the tail-end of summer in the most perfect way... the Gratitude Cafe Tour.

  Jason Mraz, G. Love and Special Sauce, K'naan, Bushwalla, and all the fans filled the Excel for a special night as appreciation for life and for love was acknowledged.  There was a wedding proposal during the acoustic soundstage set (if the lady had the responsibility in initiating engagement and planning the proposal... MY ideal would be on stage w/ Mraz during "Sleeping to Dream", but OUR ideal was "the Bean"), then when they returned to the stage for the THIRD set Jason had on a custom Mn WILD jersey!  It was my 6th time seeing Mraz and every time has been amrazing!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Russian Recap

I am sitting down to contribute to my b-l-o-g, and as I was considering the topic I sat down to type, it occurred to me that I never even scribed words on my Mac as it related to my week and a half long trip that took me to Holland, Sweden, Latvia, and ultimately- RUSSIA.

The Global Project Team's goal was to "Reflect the love of Jesus while ministering to orphans and those around them"... basically, God rocked the orphanage we spent time in. We connected w/ kids ages 4-16 as we spent a week in Kaliningrad, Russia. While it was essential to speak through our translators (the little ones had no concept of someone not being able to speak Russian... so they would just loudly repeat everything :) it is always cool to relate non-verbally through a sport, a meal, or a smile. Don't feel like you need to go around the world to do this... you can life people up w/ the simple things everyday!

The greatest memory I will take away (other than how rad SVEDEN is) happened during a church service. During musical worship, there was a Russian song where a part of the chorus was the word "Adonai" repeated several times. Adonai is a Hebrew word (meaning it is neither Russian OR English) that translates for us to "Father", "Dad", or probably best "Daddy." Whenever this word is used among Christians it refers to the relationship one has w/ God. As that was sang over and over I was brought to tears as I was simply reminded that "God is Father." Not even necessarily in the sense that He is The Father of the fatherless (orphans), but more so just in the grander scheme that God transcends culture and is The Dad of the Nations...

That was my third time out of the country (if we are counting Tijuana...) and each time I certainly had my perspectives changed for the better- when we get out of our norms and rely on Him more often I believe those are the times we are most open to life-change!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Life Long Lover (and other lessons from a 5K)

Yesterday evening I ran in the "Life Time Fitness Torchlight 5K" for the second year in a row. The thing is, I really don't enjoy running. The only reason I began doing the event was for the personal challenge (overcoming obstacles, etc.). For 5K isn't much for some, but for someone who typically only runs during a rugby practice/match, or from the cops (...j/k), it poses enough of a challenge. Last year upon finishing I proclaimed that I would never do it again, even though I enjoyed the accomplishment and overall event (running through downtown w/ well over 5,000 others, followed by a large after party, all put on by my employer = cool). 

Then when the marketing came out for the 09 event I figured that it was fun enough to do again. So I convinced a few friends from the RVC 20somethings (Brad, Matthew, and Maria) to run it as well. In training for it a ran a mile here and there, then ran a mile a day for 6 days, took 2 days off, followed by a 2.5 then a 2 mile run the day before the race. So essentially I felt ready. 

Getting to the Basilica to check-in was near madness as the clock ticked down to the start time. Adrenaline showed up. Cotton mouth ensued. The Aquatennial Grand Marshall waved down and the blow horns sounded, I was off (and I swear I was in first place for at least a tenth of a second), I started the stopwatch on my iPod and kicked out the jams on a playlist titled "5K Fuel" (The Killers, 311, Haste the Day, Mutemath, August Burns Red, Underoath, and Project 86). 

No joke, when I saw the first mile marker I thought to myself 'You've got to be kidding me...' Although stopping to walk was certainly not an option, my body totally wanted to. If I was doing it for anything other than the Glory of Christ, I would have...

Now, here's the main point of it all:
Approaching the Stone Arch Bridge is probably the most difficult part of the course, but I knew there would be a group cheering that would be far more encouraging than any spectators around (Shelley, Nicole, Amy, Tara, ad Darren). As I saw them in the distance I knew that wanted to communicate especially w/ Shell, so as I was running by her as she is snapping photos, I barely muster out the words "I love you." That is the kind of love I desire to always have and show for her; to love her when I can hardly breathe any more, to love her when the energy to even swallow is lacking, to love her when I feel like quitting... to love her tirelessly. 

Oh God may this life of mine not be wasted, but be well-lived for your Glory. Help me to love her tirelessly. Give me an eternal perspective so that I will be focused on that which really matters. Let every breath of mine be breathed for your name.

"Prepare in urgency to race
Casting off the weight that burdens me
I cannot dare to force the pace
Marathon for life the road I face

My gaze is set on finishing

I'm straining to extend my lead
As every evil chases me
One day, one hour every step

I know I fix my eyes ahead

Straining on to run without remorse
Casting off mistakes that came before
In my mind I see a hallowed door
Open arm embrace, I'm reaching for...

Just like a breeze is passing me
My stammers a distant memory
We cannot afford a glance to see
What's gaining or what is history"