Saturday, August 29, 2009

Russian Recap

I am sitting down to contribute to my b-l-o-g, and as I was considering the topic I sat down to type, it occurred to me that I never even scribed words on my Mac as it related to my week and a half long trip that took me to Holland, Sweden, Latvia, and ultimately- RUSSIA.

The Global Project Team's goal was to "Reflect the love of Jesus while ministering to orphans and those around them"... basically, God rocked the orphanage we spent time in. We connected w/ kids ages 4-16 as we spent a week in Kaliningrad, Russia. While it was essential to speak through our translators (the little ones had no concept of someone not being able to speak Russian... so they would just loudly repeat everything :) it is always cool to relate non-verbally through a sport, a meal, or a smile. Don't feel like you need to go around the world to do this... you can life people up w/ the simple things everyday!

The greatest memory I will take away (other than how rad SVEDEN is) happened during a church service. During musical worship, there was a Russian song where a part of the chorus was the word "Adonai" repeated several times. Adonai is a Hebrew word (meaning it is neither Russian OR English) that translates for us to "Father", "Dad", or probably best "Daddy." Whenever this word is used among Christians it refers to the relationship one has w/ God. As that was sang over and over I was brought to tears as I was simply reminded that "God is Father." Not even necessarily in the sense that He is The Father of the fatherless (orphans), but more so just in the grander scheme that God transcends culture and is The Dad of the Nations...

That was my third time out of the country (if we are counting Tijuana...) and each time I certainly had my perspectives changed for the better- when we get out of our norms and rely on Him more often I believe those are the times we are most open to life-change!

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  1. Hi there....

    I thought I would let you know how I found your blog. I was on my own, which is paper art related and decided to click on the next blog at the top JUST to see where it would take me, and here I am.

    I too, am a Christian with children who are your age. It is so amazing to see people your age on passionate for God. I enjoyed reading about your journey and if you don't mind a middle-aged worship leader looking in from time to time, I would love to become a follower.

    Thanks for sharing your faith....God bless!